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Weight loss starts in your head: How to adjust brain to a healthy lifestyle ?

Most weight loss rules are very simple. Simply reduce the intake of calories by excluding fatty foods, white flour and refined sugar, eat healthier foods in smaller portions and increase energy outtake by moving more.

Following these principles is nothing complicated. So why then most people lose their battle with overweight? Specific research from the United States even claims that only one person out of two hundred will succeed.Belly Fat

Nowadays, obesity is not only an aesthetic but mostly, a health issue. The World Health Organization compares it with an epidemy with the consequence of death. The biggest problem is that the human body does not put fat just under the skin, but also inside, around critical vital organs.
Additionally, fat changes the hormone level in the blood by supporting inflammatory processes that lead to vascular damage, stroke, heart attacks, and diabetes type 2. Fat kills, literally.

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When one realizes this simple fact, it should be enough motivation for weight loss. But, although most overweight people have information about the health risks they are facing, only a few of them can lose weight.

Psychological tricks with weight loss

  • Reduction of overweight is primarily a matter of internal adjustment. Adjust your dietary habits, take care of your healthy drinking regime, move, and stick to the following rules:
  • Re-evaluate your eating habits. Keep an eye on the fact when you get most of the food during the day and why. Do you feel hungry or eat to balance negative emotions ?
  • Replace unhealthy compensation food with new ones. Take the energy from other sources than caloric foods – sports, art, relaxing activities, meetings with friends. Find out what matters to you and what suits you the best.
  • Keep your positive motivation. You lose weight especially for yourself and for the health of your body. You do not punish it by diet, but on the contrary, you take better care of him, and you are working on a loving relationship with it.
  • Be patient. Half-kilogram weight loss per week is a great success. Healthy weight loss is a long-term process and requires a comprehensive lifestyle change.
  • Do not expect impossible. Do not think that a slimmer figure will solve your relationship issues or problems with jobs. These require entirely different solutions.

Topic of motivation Motivation

Another very common psychological issue that complicates the way to the desired slim figure is motivation. People who decide to lose weight under the pressure of people around them, for example, are less successful than those who have taken the decision based on their own inner need.

Also, what a person expects from a loss of weight also has a significant impact on the final result. Do you think that if you have a slender figure, would it be easier to find a better job for you, get more love and recognition from the environment or more self-esteem?

Once the desired weight has been reached, nothing can be realistically accomplished of what we mentioned before. And then disappointment comes instead of satisfaction. This phenomenon was explored by Sarah Jackson of the University College of London.

The research focused on 2,000 overweight people with higher levels of obesity. After four years, 278 of them managed to lose weight, an average of six kilograms and eight hundred grams. Paradoxically, however, no mood improvement occurred.

On the contrary, they even suffered from more depressive situations than those who did not lose any weight at all. Researchers stressed out that by these results they do not want to discourage people from losing weight, just wanting to point out that weight changes do not automatically have a positive effect on other areas of their lives, and that they should not expect impossible to happen after they successfully lose weight.

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