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We know how many steps are needed to lose weight

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Walking ! One of the most natural activities of all the times. Although you may think that nothing happens to your body when walking, you are wrong. If you are not one of the gym maniacs and running causes you specific issues, try to walk. Fast walking is suitable not only for weight reduction but also for an improved health condition.

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The most natural activity as the walking indeed is, you can practice wherever and whenever. There is a much smaller load put on joints when walking compared to running. Quick walking differs from the regular walking not only in the speed but also in the higher step frequency and the active movement of the upper limbs. If you want to lose weight by walking, the initial rate should be 5 km / h, and you can add up to 9 km / h  your condition improves. If walking is your only physical activity or you suffer from the overweight and weak condition, take a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes a day. Swap the quick walking at a slower pace and do not forget to adjust your diet. You see the result only if you combine the activity and diet change.

Proper technique

There is no walking like walking. Here apply some rules as well. While walking, try to keep your back straight, show off your chest, and move your hands in the pace of walking. Periodically, alternate the interval of slow and fast walking, be sure to put the heel first on the ground, then the toe. Bounce off your toes, breathe properly and make smaller steps.


Measure your steps

You surely heard the optimal number of steps per one day. Although you may think the number 10 000 is too high, it is not unrealistic. Take a walk to work, a shop or to a coffee with your friend. Counting and remembering the number of steps is probably not possible, use little helpers as pedometer or app on your phone. The fact that smartphones are really intelligent does not need to be doubted. Not only are they counting your steps, but you can also even keep track of your stats and follow up and evaluate your progress. 10 thousand steps are approximately 7 km. So what, are you in?


Benefits of walking to your health:

  1. It improves total body flexibility and coordination
  2. Fights against fat and contributes to the better overall condition
  3. Starts metabolism
  4. Instead of sugars burns fats and you lose weight
  5. Strengthens bones and helps to prevent osteoporosis
  6. It improves brain activity and memory
  7. Effectively fights stress and depression

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