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Proteins and Their Role Within Weight Loss Process


In the professional world of sports, proteins are critical and play a significant role. If you visit any gym, the most common discussion you’re going to listen to is not about beauty or performance, but about the supply of proteins. Protein pills, protein drinks, protein bars, protein supplements… It is one of the most popular elements in the fitness industry. Why is it so ?

Proteins play a significant role in weight loss and your eating habits. Their deficiency is reflected in the slowing down of metabolism by the loss of muscle mass. Proteins are an essential component of tissues, and muscles are the primary fat burner and fat stock. Therefore, it is recommended to eat about 1 gram of protein per kilogram of your weight per day. If you underestimate this dose, metabolism slows down, and you reach a loss of muscle mass, that is replaced by fat.

The human body needs to receive protein daily because they are substances from which, as we have already said, muscles and tissues are built. But the body does not have a place to store excess proteins.

It is ideal to consume complete proteins that contain all essential amino acids. They are mainly included in the food of animal origin.

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Do not forget. The process of losing weight is not just about limiting the supply of calories, but especially the balanced diet. Sufficient protein intake, combined with regular physical activity, will help you speed up the fat burning process and thus improve your results. It also prevents the appearance of a Jojo effect after the loss of weight.

Where is best to get the top quality protein sources ?

If you have noticed, I particularly emphasize natural proteins as the primary source of nutrition. Be cautious, do not fall into the trap of this business that will tell you that you can not live without a protein snack. Yes, the base of each snack is made of concentrated proteins (whey, soy, eggs, …). However, if you look at their energy value, you find out that there is a massive amount of carbohydrates in them and you stuffed yourself with a caloric bomb at the level of Snickers.

Protein bars are very important when doing power exercise, endurance or fitness. No doubts. But if you begin to lose weight and you already are at the limit of the minimum, after taking these bars, you take back everything you’ve lost. Also, you program the body for sugars rather than fat metabolism. If you take an active, fast walk, and after it, you fill in your belly with such a bar, your body gets used to it and starts to ask for it again and again. And everything you burned is back. Maybe even more.

I believe that all the proteins that a person needs for a healthy life can also be found in a naturally diverse, suitably chosen food.

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