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How to prevent from emotional eating ! 6 easy steps

Emotional eating

Many people do not control their meals and consume food as needed and felt by their emotional mood. If you are happy, order a pizza. If you feel sorry for yourself, something sweet will definitely help you. These eating habits are bad! And we have a solution to how to change it. For better.

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  1. Focus on food – many people have the habit of eating during watching television or reading newspapers. This habit must be stopped because you have to focus on eating when eating. If you do not concentrate on the process itself, it will lead to a state of being overeaten. The negative effect of spread focus while eating is also scientifically proven. (emotional eating)


  1. Balance your nutrients – if you build up the habit of eating healthy and adequately spreading the intake of individual nutrients, you will reduce the likelihood of emotional eating. You have to take in daily the right ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to satisfy your needs, to complement your body’s energy and eliminate appetites during unusual emotional mood cravings.


  1. Wait a bit before eating – if you’re not sure what makes you want to eat, take the habit to wait ten minutes before you eat something. During these ten minutes, do some homework or make yourself busy with something else. If after this time you still want to eat, then you should eat. Probably, though, the fact that you intended to eat something, will be forgotten.

  1. Have only healthy food at home – a secret weapon against the process of overeating and unhealthy food? No way – a common logic. If you do not focus on anything unhealthy visually, you reduce the likelihood that it makes you eat it. If you like something and you do not have it with you, there is a chance that you will reach for a better alternative. So get rid of all unhealthy food and have a handful of fruits and vegetables.


  1. Avoid social impact – people get used to eating more when they are accompanied by someone, at a visit or a celebration. The endless eating of small meals, no focus, and social pressure lead to an inopportune overeating process. Pay attention to what you eat and do not lose the focus on it.


  1. Find an alternative to eating – if you get hurt, you often reach for something that is hidden in the food. However, studies show that there are alternatives that can improve your emotional state without compromising your health or figure. For example, a dog. There is scientific evidence that interacting with pets leads to the excretion of oxytocin, which strengthens the mood. However, walking or exercising is also good. Psychologically, you can also help yourself by sharing with a friend.



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