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How to lose weight for women over 40

If you just crossed your 40 and want to lose weight, we know how to do it. Yes, in this age, nothing is forgiven that easily, and therefore, if you intend to have a still charming and slim figure, you must be very disciplined in everything you do.

Why is weight loss after 40 difficult ?

Because we’re slowing down … Maybe it is not visible, as you’re still sharp, vital, energetic, but your body already has experienced something and knows what is coming. It is scientifically proven that the older we are, the harder and slower the diet is converted to usable energy. According to general calculations, women’s metabolism slows down by two percent per year.

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In addition to this, however, some other factors influence the digestion and body functions. Fact, whether you could gain weight also from a sip of water, is also affected by your genetic disposition, lifestyle, eating habits, stress levels, and health. And hormonal changes are also a crucial parameter that reflects on your hips, butt or belly.

Although in our conditions women pass through a climacteric around 50 to 52 years, althoughthe body is about to begin preparing for this significant change for about seven years before. Therefore, you may experience increased fatigue, which logically leads to reduced exercise activity. Also, 40-plus women have to face many other age-related negative phenomena.

For example, mucosal secretion is reduced, which has a negative impact on defecating. Various appetites result from hormonal fluctuations, which also does not help to remove excess fat. If you do not resist, you get more and more on, then you are annoying or depressing, and you try to “overeat it” with food, and the vicious circle has just been born. That’s all simple facts, but let’s find a solution.

Start your metabolism

Effective start of the process to lose weight is possible at any age; different is just the effort you need to put into and the discipline you have to keep. The more you neglected everything before, the more challenging the process will be. At least, in the beginning, you should be making yourself ready for the weight loss at least just by having a small, healthy lifestyle change. In the first days, you can have only rice dishes, when you only consume dry rice and drink plenty of water. Your body is thus effectively detoxified. Gradually you can add vegetables, fresh fruit or vegetable juices. Such a strong start is an excellent trigger for a faster metabolism.

How to lose weight for women over 40

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