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How drinking more water can you help lose weight ?

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Are you hungry ? Drink ! It is not a joke, water when losing weight, plays a crucial role.

The reasons why water is essential in weight loss is explained by a nutritionist and more specifically a specialist on Hays diet.


With the absence of water, the fat remains stuck

If the body has plenty of water, we feel saturated and do not get hungry as wolves. With the absence of water, it is just the total opposite. Cause: Nutrients are transported incorrectly into cells, and are also under-consumed. By failing to digest well, the extra waste material is deposited in the fatty tissue. It blocks the transport of nutrients in the muscles, creating a vicious circle – we put on weight because nutrients remain in fat mass, and we still have a feeling of extreme hunger because body cells suffer from a lack of nutrients.


Water speeds up the digestion

In case of lack of water, the colon dries. Consequence: We feel full, it swells us and constipation may appear as well. If we get in enough water, these difficulties are very quickly lost, and digestion is carried out without any obstacles.

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Prevents our health from being damaged

During weight loss, harmful substances are released during the process of fat loss and must be cleaned away. If this does not happen, the organism will be acidified, or sediments created. These may appear in the form of arthritis or kidney stones. By the way, frequent drinking during the day limits the feeling of hunger.

How drinking more water can help you lose weight


How to drink water correctly

In the morning we boil about half a liter of water. After 10 minutes of boiling, fill the thermos and every hour during the day, we sip out a couple of gulps. Hot water is more natural than cold to get into cells where it can be more quickly active. Positive Side Effect: When we drink plenty of water, we irritate our taste buds, and suddenly we no longer have a taste for something else. Also, the water very well acts on the nerves and promotes a good mood. In the evening, drink one cup of water.


Coffee and tea take a lot of water away from the body

Do not drink more than two cups of coffee or black or green tea a day, because too much caffeine or tein is taking away valuable water from the cells. As a result, the kidneys excrete excessive amounts of fluid, the body is deficient in water, and it dries out.

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