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4 items that destroy your slim figure. Avoid them!


Slim figure ? If this is your dream, avoid following foods that can block your effort to lose weight.

Coffee Creamer

Cream, whipped cream or other creams that are served with black coffee contain fats in the form of trans-fatty acids. This type of fat is easy to be stored just where you want it to have at least – in your waist area. Research also points to the fact that trans fatty fats can, in addition to physical functions, also reduce mental health functions. Adult people aged 45 or more are reported to have worse memory. If you want to eat healthy and black coffee you can not imagine to enjoy without any ingredients, try to replace the cream or its products with low-fat cows’ milk, soy or almond milk. In general, however, black coffee is kept among the best fat burners. Thanks to caffeine and antioxidants, it helps to start metabolism and speed up some vital body functions.

4 items that destroy your slim figure- avoid them and lose weight

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Sweet drinks

They contain artificial colors, sugar or their substitutes in the form of sweeteners. All of these components are responsible for increasing body weight, at the same time increasing the blood glucose level, creating a burden for the liver and ultimately change into the fat that is stored and kept in the abdomen area. According to a study called Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, the dye found in some favorite beverages increases the rate of growth of tumor cells. A healthy alternative to flavored water is pure water and low sodium content water. If you dream about the slim figure, avoid drink fruit juices in the diet period, which can easily contain a high level of fruit sugars.

Fried food

Fried schnitzels, fish or cauliflower. Yes or no? Experts agree that if you have to choose between this type of processed meat and vegetables, let’s select the first option. Frozen vegetables, such as cauliflower, can absorb much more fat, as is the case with ordinary schnitzels. Frozen foods do not need to be definitively excluded from a menu, but it is recommended to consume them not very often, for example twice a month. But if they become a regular part of your lifestyle (every Sunday), they can ruin your chances of getting a slim figure. Healthy substitutes are stewed or cooked low-salt foods that you can serve with any vegetable.

fried food

Energetic drinks

If you are trying to lose weight and you replace lack of energy with energy drinks, be careful. These chemical cocktails can be refreshing and encouraging in small amounts, but with excessive drinking, however, prepare to gain weight. Energy drinks contain a great deal of caffeine, sugar or artificial sweeteners and other stimulating chemicals. Sugar delivers the so-called “fake energy” into the body, which means you will feel good only for a short time. However, after a sudden increase in sugar in the blood, it is rapidly decreasing, which mainly results in a mood change and nervousness.

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