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3 Secrets of Weight Loss

Obesity is not just the result of bad selection of food and lack of movement. It usually appears as a long-term consequence of a complex lifestyle that incorporates a number of habits. In other words, it is the issue of the whole personality.

Food meets more and more completely different functions. It works for us as pleasure, distraction, part of social intercourse. It is not only a matter of nutrition but, above all, of the psyche.

1. No more eating after 6 pm ? Wrong !

(but not only those) they say that after 5-6 pm they will no longer consume anything. There are several reasons why this is bad for our organism.

Our body has its mind. One thing is that we think of what we eat, the second is how our body feels with this. We consciously limit the intake of food, but the body does not know that we want to achieve something by this step. It just wants to function normally. If it does not get nutrients, it starts to “fight” – and starts to “eat” itself.

We lose weight, but when we begin to eat again in larger quantities, the body starts to defend itself and make a supply of whatever we take in. It wants to avoid this situation, this starvation. Then comes the well-known Jojo effect.

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Many of us do not even eat in the evening because they do not know what’s right or what is not. The body often chooses itself, what is essential, the main thing is not to overeat yourself and to follow some basic principles.


2. What is the next step after exercise?

What, our body will work with right after. When we finish the exercise and enjoy a caloric snack from the grocery, we do not do much for ourselves. We have to accept another energy source – the one from which the body can regenerate and nourish itself.

3. Do not be scared of eating

Right after exercise, it is good to take a little bit of glucose (a simple carbohydrate) that will ensure the transport of substances and will also become the primary source of energy for the body. Something like “first aid” for our muscles :).

If the body is not fed like this after training, it is likely that it reaches the worst available energy source and that is our muscle cells. This way, we prevent ourselves from progressing and muscle growth … And the more vital the muscles are, the easier the weight loss is.

Further, about 20 to 30 minutes after exercise, it is very good to take the protein. Basically after the performance, the easier to digest, the better. So mixing protein is an ideal thing to do. Do not be afraid of so-called truths as “but I do not want to take in any chemicals,” it’s probably just chemical like baby milk 🙂 Unfortunately, it has a misconception among the laic audience.

If you take the exercise at least somewhat seriously, your body pays you off. So do it and go for it !


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