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12 the Best Dietary Tricks of All Times

The best time to get rid of all that excess weight, right? Of course, you can try your regular diet and hope that it works, but we have something much better: 12 the best dietary tricks of all times!

1. Never starve!

When talking about diets, starvation represents two significant problems. First, the body gets into shock mode and sets up “threat mode” – and starts to store as much as it can the excess fat because it thinks it is in danger. Second, hungry people use to make stupid decisions. It is very probable that after a too long diet and starvation you will ultimately lose the results of your effort.

2. Do not lie to yourself

It’s okay if I get a piece of a cake now – I will make up for my body tomorrow. Today I do not want to go into a gym; let’s skip it – just for this time. Does it sound familiar to you? The truth is that every one of the people trying to solve their weight issue has already had similar problems. Stop! Lying to yourself is one of the most common reasons why most diets fail!

3. Count and calculate

It’s okay to eat a chocolate doughnut if you go for an hour of walk right after, right? Consumed calories, even with physical activity, are more likely to be burnt… Mistake! You can only burn 200 calories per hour of walking (brisk pace!), while the chocolate doughnut contains more than 300 calories. You would know this if you have had time to calculate the calories balance …

4. Eat three bites less

If you enjoy three bites less with every meal, you can reduce your daily energy intake by 200 calories. This means almost 100,000 calories a year or if you like it more to put this way – over 11 kilograms a year!

5. Drink a lot of water

Drinking a lot of water – not only in the warm seasons but also in the winter – is excellent due to two reasons. First, it fills your stomach, so there is less space for food. Second, it enables your body to work effectively and also consequently, burn the calories.

Drink water

6. Include spicy food into your eating habits

Many of us believe that diet equals starving or eating dishes that are entirely tasteless. And guess what – they are wrong! There are many healthy, filling and tasty options and one of them is spicy food. It helps to block the hunger and burn the calories quicker.

7. Keep your nutrition diary

Not that you can burn a lot of calories by writing your journal, but you will be extremely stunned by the list of everything you ate within one day. If you keep this diary, it helps you to reduce the amount of calories coming in…

8. Eat slowly

People, that eat slowly have usually fewer issues with overweight compared to those who are “munching it like crazy.” Why? Because they eat less amount of food at the same time and that enabled the body to send the signal that it is fed.

9. Never skip the meals

Skipping the meals could in the short-term period decrease your intake of calories, but long term it causes that you eat much more. Just try to relive those moments when you got a huge dinner – only because you skipped the lunch…

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10. Do not eat in front of the telly

Countless studies proved that stuffing yourself in front of telly cause issues with your bodyweight. The same applies to surf online or reading magazines when having lunch or dinner. Eating should be only about the dish you eat and should happen only at the certain places exactly for this occasion – your kitchen (or dining) table.

11. Eat various dishes

Diet is not only about consumption of light, low calories dishes; it is also about the variety of chosen menu. Balanced meals keep you motivated and also improve your overall health.

12. Try to avoid salt

Salt is precisely that ingredient that makes the dishes tastier, no doubts about that. Even the body needs it in certain amounts; on the other hand, it could prevent your effort to be slimmer, because it blows your body and increases the need for hunger and thirst. Try to use the salt in adequate amount, and even this should bring visible results – without drastically changing your eating habits.


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