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10 Ideal Foods for Weight Loss

Try to include some of the following foods in your diet:

Sprouted plants

The ideal diet for spring detox and weight loss. Vegetable with sprouts, beans, legumes and also seeds. They are full of proteins and nutrients, quickly supply energy, they are easy and very fast to be absorbed. You can also make them grow in the kitchen window, and they have many more vitamins and minerals (and natural), comparing with pills and commercial food supplements.


It is very useful in controlling blood sugar levels. Proven reduction of both glucose and cholesterol. It is very effective in treating diabetes type 2. Cinnamon also reduces the appetite, the best is cinnamon tea. Do you know that cinnamon and ginger extract is used as an ingredient into body milk as a cellulite wrap?

10 ideal food for weight loss


It works as a natural break for fats because it blocks hormones responsible for fat layers. It can slow the appetite and also supports lipolysis, which is the procedure for degradation of internal lipids. Grapefruit contains naringin, responsible for the typical taste of these fruits, which promotes liver activity and thus the fat loss.


It is an excellent tea and a spicy ingredient for light beverages. Ginger is characterized by its sharp to spicy taste, thanks to gingerol and capsaicin ingredients. And just gingerol significantly starts metabolism of fats.

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This herb disposes of a distinct, penetrating scent supplied by silicone with menthol. It tastes refreshing, smells attractive and soothes the body. That would be enough for me. Also, it has a positive effect on the digestive tract, promotes the secretion of gastric juices, bile and fights also gas production in the body. Even a bonus. After a while after the dish, drink a couple of sips of peppermint/mint tea and soothe your appetite. You will no longer feel the desire for sweet and eat less.


Tastes great, it is also a great cleaner and detoxifier. Do not throw away a white peel around the pulp when peeling. It contains pectin, which is needed to multiply a large number of healthy probiotic bacteria. In the process where bacteria digest this pectin, so-called short-chain fatty acids are produced to protect the intestine from cancer.


These are vitamin and protein bombs, they are also caloric, but they contain exceptionally high-quality fats without which the body will not be in total balance and feeling fine.

Chia seeds

Thanks to the high content of essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) that support brain activity, they also promote energy and concentration. After soaking in water and process of jellying, the Chia seeds increase their volume up to 9 times, with no calories. They evoke a long-term feeling of satiety, and they can deceive the brain that it does not feel the need to eat.

Green Smoothies

We expressly recommend this little book, which is currently to be found in the shops. Drinks and lettuce salads trigger cleansing procedures of cholesterol, fat, and toxins in the body. Vegetables with leaves meet all the nutritional needs of humans and contain the most valuable nutrients from all food groups. After their regular consumption, expect an increase in vitality, energy, but also due to fiber and glycemic index, especially lightness of being and weight loss.


I also grow them in the garden. I have my own for almost half a year, in stores, they are to be found for nearly a year. They are full of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. They will help you strengthen the immune system, reduce weight and cholesterol levels.

Do not forget that the food is 60% of success and the remaining 40% , it is simply to move.

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