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Finally pleasant weight loss ! Rule 80:20

No more refusals to celebrate evenings out with friends and obligation to count calories. Change your eating habits without any bad feeling, stay motivated, happy and still slim. It sounds great, doesn’t it ?

The same promises to rapid weight loss, still new trends in nutrition, but let us say honestly, how many items of the long list of diets are for a long time realistically sustainable ?

It is no right to get the body into extremes. Better bet on a slow approach to lifelong habits that you will not see as a limitation. You will not always be losing and consequently again, motivating yourself. Also, you will live a longer and happier life. Let’s discuss business.

Balance is crucial here!

Rule 80: 20, also known as Paret’s rule, is based on balance within the diet. Those who have been following it for years have appreciated simple principles without any need to cheat.

80% of the day you eat healthy, fresh food – vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, eggs, legumes, and nuts. 20% of the day you are allowed to „cheat“ with a cup of coffee or a drink with your friends. No worries, no need to count, note down and study tables.

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It’s simple: 3 times a day you eat healthily. 3 x per week you get yourself a reward. You keep your motivation easier when you know that the time for the goodies you like is coming.

The better you eat, the more you can enjoy

„Cheating“ will be for you within every fifth meal. If you manage to eat 5 times a day and in smaller portions, you can even have up to 7 smaller portions of food per week, that you really do like and are not considered to be one of the dietary meals. And enjoy them truly without any sorrow, your figure will not suffer, unless of course, you will not overeat yourself with it.

This is also proven by the world-famous beauty faces that adhere to this rule, as admired actress Jessica Alba or one of the most in-demand top models – Miranda Kerr. “The key is consistency. I really believe that enjoying everything in the right amount is the best choice,“ said supermodel Miranda