Emotional eating

How to prevent from emotional eating ! 6 easy steps

Many people do not control their meals and consume food as needed and felt by their emotional mood. If you are happy, order a pizza. If you feel sorry for yourself, something sweet will definitely help you. These eating habits are bad! And we have a solution to how to change it. For better.

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  1. Focus on food – many people have the habit of eating during watching television or reading newspapers. This habit must be stopped because you have to focus on eating when eating. If you do not concentrate on the process itself, it will lead to a state of being overeaten. The negative effect of spread focus while eating is also scientifically proven. (emotional eating)


  1. Balance your nutrients – if you build up the habit of eating healthy and adequately spreading the intake of individual nutrients, you will reduce the likelihood of emotional eating. You have to take in daily the right ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to satisfy your needs, to complement your body’s energy and eliminate appetites during unusual emotional mood cravings.


  1. Wait a bit before eating – if you’re not sure what makes you want to eat, take the habit to wait ten minutes before you eat something. During these ten minutes, do some homework or make yourself busy with something else. If after this time you still want to eat, then you should eat. Probably, though, the fact that you intended to eat something, will be forgotten.

  1. Have only healthy food at home – a secret weapon against the process of overeating and unhealthy food? No way – a common logic. If you do not focus on anything unhealthy visually, you reduce the likelihood that it makes you eat it. If you like something and you do not have it with you, there is a chance that you will reach for a better alternative. So get rid of all unhealthy food and have a handful of fruits and vegetables.


  1. Avoid social impact – people get used to eating more when they are accompanied by someone, at a visit or a celebration. The endless eating of small meals, no focus, and social pressure lead to an inopportune overeating process. Pay attention to what you eat and do not lose the focus on it.


  1. Find an alternative to eating – if you get hurt, you often reach for something that is hidden in the food. However, studies show that there are alternatives that can improve your emotional state without compromising your health or figure. For example, a dog. There is scientific evidence that interacting with pets leads to the excretion of oxytocin, which strengthens the mood. However, walking or exercising is also good. Psychologically, you can also help yourself by sharing with a friend.



Weight loss in 1 month

How to lose weight within 1 month

Be persistent

“In a year you will wish to start today.” Karen Lamb
The loss of weight is exactly the same. It’s not easy, but not impossible. Each of us desires to have a great figure without any effort, but it is not that easy like that. Losing weight is possible only with a good dose of self-discipline and abstinence.


Change your lifestyle

You lose weight in 1 month if you modify your eating habits and start being active. What about the end of your active month? Do not let your weight kill your self-confidence further. A good figure is not enough to only achieve, it needs to be kept. Change your wrong habits and observe how easy it is.

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Do not starve

Be careful, eating the right meals does not mean starving. Starving seriously damages your body, so we do not recommend it. Also, skipping the meals will definitely not last for the rest of your life, and if you end up starving, your weight will reach the original number, and you will be unsatisfied again, and also feel all the hunger consequences. Complete avoidance of eating is, therefore, unnecessary and detrimental torture. Starving and skipping meals helps you lose weight quickly, but it’s certainly not a way to a long-lasting slim figure.

TIP: Instead of starving, give a try to interrupted fasting. It’s an exciting way of eating when you eat all the food in 8 hours, and you do not eat for the rest of the day. Maybe you have tried this type of fasting, and you do not even realize it. Just skip breakfast and eat the first meal for lunch.


Eat 5 smaller or 3 bigger meals a day

When eating, there is a simple rule that is a total base for success. This should be the starting point to build your proper eating habits. The rule is: Diet 3 big meals or 5 smaller meals. It sounds like alternative mathematics, but it really is a key to eating correctly. Either you decide to eat 5 small meals or 3 large meals a day. Five smaller meals are available for breakfast, ten o clock meal, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. 3 big meals will, of course, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Do not snack in between meals

Do not eat small snacks between meals to cut the time for the next dish. Here I nibble a little cake, here a candy, a small lemonade, ice cream, nut and so it slowly goes like this every day. When you get used to solid meals, your body will be pleased, and you will also enjoy yourself when looking in the mirror. As a follow-up to the previous tip, choose the appropriate number of portions to avoid nibbling snacks.

What to do if you have an unbeatable desire for chocolate? Nutritional adviser advises that endorphins can be “made” otherwise. For example, if you select a short 15-minute walk in quick pacing and the result is guaranteed. Just do not go straight to the store!


Build up your eating habits

So we are aware of all the basic rules. In principle, it is the most worth to create a solid plan. You do not have to make a single move. We did all the job for you. Get our diet plan right now.

Young sportsman exercising in park

How drinking more water can you help lose weight ?

Are you hungry ? Drink ! It is not a joke, water when losing weight, plays a crucial role.

The reasons why water is essential in weight loss is explained by a nutritionist and more specifically a specialist on Hays diet.


With the absence of water, the fat remains stuck

If the body has plenty of water, we feel saturated and do not get hungry as wolves. With the absence of water, it is just the total opposite. Cause: Nutrients are transported incorrectly into cells, and are also under-consumed. By failing to digest well, the extra waste material is deposited in the fatty tissue. It blocks the transport of nutrients in the muscles, creating a vicious circle – we put on weight because nutrients remain in fat mass, and we still have a feeling of extreme hunger because body cells suffer from a lack of nutrients.


Water speeds up the digestion

In case of lack of water, the colon dries. Consequence: We feel full, it swells us and constipation may appear as well. If we get in enough water, these difficulties are very quickly lost, and digestion is carried out without any obstacles.

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Prevents our health from being damaged

During weight loss, harmful substances are released during the process of fat loss and must be cleaned away. If this does not happen, the organism will be acidified, or sediments created. These may appear in the form of arthritis or kidney stones. By the way, frequent drinking during the day limits the feeling of hunger.

How drinking more water can help you lose weight


How to drink water correctly

In the morning we boil about half a liter of water. After 10 minutes of boiling, fill the thermos and every hour during the day, we sip out a couple of gulps. Hot water is more natural than cold to get into cells where it can be more quickly active. Positive Side Effect: When we drink plenty of water, we irritate our taste buds, and suddenly we no longer have a taste for something else. Also, the water very well acts on the nerves and promotes a good mood. In the evening, drink one cup of water.


Coffee and tea take a lot of water away from the body

Do not drink more than two cups of coffee or black or green tea a day, because too much caffeine or tein is taking away valuable water from the cells. As a result, the kidneys excrete excessive amounts of fluid, the body is deficient in water, and it dries out.

Weight loss

3 Secrets of Weight Loss

Obesity is not just the result of bad selection of food and lack of movement. It usually appears as a long-term consequence of a complex lifestyle that incorporates a number of habits. In other words, it is the issue of the whole personality.

Food meets more and more completely different functions. It works for us as pleasure, distraction, part of social intercourse. It is not only a matter of nutrition but, above all, of the psyche.

1. No more eating after 6 pm ? Wrong !

(but not only those) they say that after 5-6 pm they will no longer consume anything. There are several reasons why this is bad for our organism.

Our body has its mind. One thing is that we think of what we eat, the second is how our body feels with this. We consciously limit the intake of food, but the body does not know that we want to achieve something by this step. It just wants to function normally. If it does not get nutrients, it starts to “fight” – and starts to “eat” itself.

We lose weight, but when we begin to eat again in larger quantities, the body starts to defend itself and make a supply of whatever we take in. It wants to avoid this situation, this starvation. Then comes the well-known Jojo effect.

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Many of us do not even eat in the evening because they do not know what’s right or what is not. The body often chooses itself, what is essential, the main thing is not to overeat yourself and to follow some basic principles.


2. What is the next step after exercise?

What, our body will work with right after. When we finish the exercise and enjoy a caloric snack from the grocery, we do not do much for ourselves. We have to accept another energy source – the one from which the body can regenerate and nourish itself.

3. Do not be scared of eating

Right after exercise, it is good to take a little bit of glucose (a simple carbohydrate) that will ensure the transport of substances and will also become the primary source of energy for the body. Something like “first aid” for our muscles :).

If the body is not fed like this after training, it is likely that it reaches the worst available energy source and that is our muscle cells. This way, we prevent ourselves from progressing and muscle growth … And the more vital the muscles are, the easier the weight loss is.

Further, about 20 to 30 minutes after exercise, it is very good to take the protein. Basically after the performance, the easier to digest, the better. So mixing protein is an ideal thing to do. Do not be afraid of so-called truths as “but I do not want to take in any chemicals,” it’s probably just chemical like baby milk 🙂 Unfortunately, it has a misconception among the laic audience.

If you take the exercise at least somewhat seriously, your body pays you off. So do it and go for it !



10 Ideal Foods for Weight Loss

Try to include some of the following foods in your diet:

Sprouted plants

The ideal diet for spring detox and weight loss. Vegetable with sprouts, beans, legumes and also seeds. They are full of proteins and nutrients, quickly supply energy, they are easy and very fast to be absorbed. You can also make them grow in the kitchen window, and they have many more vitamins and minerals (and natural), comparing with pills and commercial food supplements.


It is very useful in controlling blood sugar levels. Proven reduction of both glucose and cholesterol. It is very effective in treating diabetes type 2. Cinnamon also reduces the appetite, the best is cinnamon tea. Do you know that cinnamon and ginger extract is used as an ingredient into body milk as a cellulite wrap?

10 ideal food for weight loss


It works as a natural break for fats because it blocks hormones responsible for fat layers. It can slow the appetite and also supports lipolysis, which is the procedure for degradation of internal lipids. Grapefruit contains naringin, responsible for the typical taste of these fruits, which promotes liver activity and thus the fat loss.


It is an excellent tea and a spicy ingredient for light beverages. Ginger is characterized by its sharp to spicy taste, thanks to gingerol and capsaicin ingredients. And just gingerol significantly starts metabolism of fats.

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This herb disposes of a distinct, penetrating scent supplied by silicone with menthol. It tastes refreshing, smells attractive and soothes the body. That would be enough for me. Also, it has a positive effect on the digestive tract, promotes the secretion of gastric juices, bile and fights also gas production in the body. Even a bonus. After a while after the dish, drink a couple of sips of peppermint/mint tea and soothe your appetite. You will no longer feel the desire for sweet and eat less.


Tastes great, it is also a great cleaner and detoxifier. Do not throw away a white peel around the pulp when peeling. It contains pectin, which is needed to multiply a large number of healthy probiotic bacteria. In the process where bacteria digest this pectin, so-called short-chain fatty acids are produced to protect the intestine from cancer.


These are vitamin and protein bombs, they are also caloric, but they contain exceptionally high-quality fats without which the body will not be in total balance and feeling fine.

Chia seeds

Thanks to the high content of essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) that support brain activity, they also promote energy and concentration. After soaking in water and process of jellying, the Chia seeds increase their volume up to 9 times, with no calories. They evoke a long-term feeling of satiety, and they can deceive the brain that it does not feel the need to eat.

Green Smoothies

We expressly recommend this little book, which is currently to be found in the shops. Drinks and lettuce salads trigger cleansing procedures of cholesterol, fat, and toxins in the body. Vegetables with leaves meet all the nutritional needs of humans and contain the most valuable nutrients from all food groups. After their regular consumption, expect an increase in vitality, energy, but also due to fiber and glycemic index, especially lightness of being and weight loss.


I also grow them in the garden. I have my own for almost half a year, in stores, they are to be found for nearly a year. They are full of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. They will help you strengthen the immune system, reduce weight and cholesterol levels.

Do not forget that the food is 60% of success and the remaining 40% , it is simply to move.