Lose 20-30 LBS in 30 Days !

This meal plan has been prepared for 5 weeks. Every day has been divided into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, two snacks (late morning and late afternoon). Sunday is meant to be a day off the diet.

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Longterm weight loss and reduction

You will be precisely aware of how much and what to eat

You reach the weight you have been longing for

You get all the most important habits for healthy eating

You form and improve your body

Improve your health and condition and no jojo effect

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

And what should I drink ? Is drinking allowed ?

Water. Water is the best you can provide to your body. Of course, you are also allowed with coffee and tea (no sugar added), alcohol just occasionally (contains hidden calories). Be cautious with sweet drinks branded „sugar-free,“ they contain aspartame that is harmful to the body.

Should I skip meals ?

Sometimes if you cannot manage, you can, of course, skip it, but not replace it with something else, something entirely unhealthy !

I have a horrible sweet tooth, can I get a bit of chocolate ?

No. In case of need eat some fruits. Fruits block the mood for something sweet. When we lose weight, it is important not to forget that a lot of sugar in the diet causes overweight and also that the consumption of sweets is related to many civilization diseases.

What Our Custumers say

I have this plan for only 1 week, but I've lost 4 pounds. I'm curious about the final weight !

Anna T.

From the beginning, I did not notice any changes, but the change came in the second week. I can recommend !

Emma V.

Your Meal PLAN

Do not expect any starving, no Jojo effect. Thanks to this meal plan you lose your weight constantly and no starving.




Meal Plan

5 Weeks

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That one is, you have to follow it properly ! 🙂

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