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What Do You Get With Our Unique Meal Plan ?

Longterm Weight Loss and Reduction

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You Will Be Precisely Aware Of How Much and What to Eat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

And what should I drink ? Is drinking allowed ?

Water. Water is the best you can provide to your body. Of course, you are also allowed with coffee and tea (no sugar added), alcohol just occasionally (contains hidden calories). Be cautious with sweet drinks branded „sugar-free,“ they contain aspartame that is harmful to the body.

I have a horrible sweet tooth, can I get a bit of chocolate ?

No. In case of need eat some fruits. Fruits block the mood for something sweet. When we lose weight, it is important not to forget that a lot of sugar in the diet causes overweight and also that the consumption of sweets is related to many civilization diseases.

How to decrease the calories and harmful fats intake ?

Overweight is a risk factor for all cardiovascular diseases. How to overcome this handicap? Primarily focus on food preparation and shopping food (what is already finished or in the refrigerator, it is difficult to resist). Try to limit the frying and preparation of meals with a large volume of fat and oil. Remove fat from the ready to be served meat. Minimize meat juices and sauces. On the contrary, increase the intake of vegetables and replace with it traditional side dishes (pasta, potatoes, rice). You can serve salads instead of sweet desserts. Yogurt can be used in salads instead of oil dressings.

Should I skip meals ?

Sometimes if you cannot manage, you can, of course, skip it, but not replace it with something else, something entirely unhealthy !

With a few tricks, a healthy approach to lifestyle, and modified eating habits, you can reach the weight you will be able to maintain for a long time. Are you in ?

What Our Customers Say ? 


Emma T.

Yes, I needed this ! This is finally a meal plan that works. Recipes have been simple to prepare and delicious… I especially like the ease of planning. I have this plan is only 2 weeks and I see the results.

Anna M.

The best plan in the world. I especially appreciate the varied diet and food preparation speed ! I also praise Fitness Printables as a bonus. It’s a really useful thing. Thank you SlimmingTheory ! I am looking forward to summer…
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