Open diary, slowly creating novella, a notebook for the ideas, cookbook, the source of exclusive information from a specific field or tool for personal PR. That and even much more could be hidden in the word – blog. Web pages got its name by connecting two English terms – web and log (literally web notes) gained such immense popularity, and only within American Internet you find hundred thousands of them. The reasons ? Simple. To set up the blog is asking for a couple of minutes of your time and the online solution does not put any barriers for the creative mind of the author. And for his audience as well. So why not to give it a try ?


What are the advantages of blogging ?

There are more advantages. Like the other activities, you have to like blogging or writing. If you do not like anything, do not keep doing so! Let’s sum up why to start with blogging and what the advantages are.

  • You create your own brand
  • You support people while they solve their problems
  • You become „an expert“ for the audience in the field you blog about
  • You form your private contact network
  • A chance to meet interesting new people (face to face as well)
  • Great topic for conversation
  • Extra income by blogging
  • You are forced to improve constantly
  • Your own space for self-realization
  • You become a media


Which platform to start your blog ?

If you have already decided to set up your own blog, you need a particular system to run this on. There are many options, of course. You can also create your blog entirely for free. Be ready for it not to look thoroughly professional, but it is for free. Also, the options where you pay and you get it all. 

  • Blogspot– Blogger service provided by Google. Is for free and used by many bloggers. The disadvantage is that your service will be located as subdomain, so your
  • WordPress– this is my top recommendation. The most used platform worldwide. Buy domain and hosting. Use BlueHost – easy and cheap. 
  • Own system – Useful for more significant projects. Although higher price, you get web/design tailor-made.

When blogging, a significant factor is if your articles are thematically interesting for enough people as the target audience. How many? Difficult to say but on average – a couple of thousands a month.

Topics that attracted many people and are universal:

  • Parenting and raising kids
  • Weddings
  • Relationships
  • Traveling
  • Food and cooking
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Exercise
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
Register your own domain
  • Click here to buy your domain. Continue by following the simple steps.
  • The most challenging part is to create a top quality domain name! Think carefully because it represents you.
  • I got my domain very quickly. I matched the part of my favorite series title „Theory“ with the activity I like to write about „Slimming“
  • Why do I recommend BlueHost ? Because it is one of the most top quality providers and their prices are reasonable. You can also get a free domain if you buy web hosting for 12 months.
  • If you expect a better offer, I recommend buying web hosting for 36 months.
  • Your choice should be definitely BlueHost !


Buy Web Hosting

If you already decided to blog on WordPress platform, Bluehost set up is simple. As I already mentioned, the longer you buy web hosting for, the lower is the price.

So … your blog costs on average for one year 59$ or 99$ if you buy web hosting for 3 years. This is a perfect better deal, right? 😊

If you are ready to create your own blog, follow these steps: 
    • Visit BlueHost and click „Get Started Now.“
    • Click the package you would like to own
    • Set up your domain name (the name of your website)
    • Set up your personal and payment information (your data are secured)
    • The last step – you have to set up a password


How to create an income by blogging ?

If the blog is top quality, catchy and trustworthy content delivers valuable information, sources, stories, emotions and encourage people to solve their problems, only then the visitors are able to accept also a certain amount of commerce. The better blog, the higher number of visitors. And the higher number of visitors, the higher interest of companies that would like to share with your hundreds or thousands of fans their own products and services. There are blogs to earn also 100,000$ a month.

A couple of tips:
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ads (e.g., Google Adsense or Mediavine)
  • Sell the products or services
  • Premium web content

This was in nutshell guidelines on how to start with blogging. Blogging is long distance run, so you have to be patient.