Weight loss in 1 month

How to lose weight within 1 month

Be persistent

“In a year you will wish to start today.” Karen Lamb
The loss of weight is exactly the same. It’s not easy, but not impossible. Each of us desires to have a great figure without any effort, but it is not that easy like that. Losing weight is possible only with a good dose of self-discipline and abstinence.


Change your lifestyle

You lose weight in 1 month if you modify your eating habits and start being active. What about the end of your active month? Do not let your weight kill your self-confidence further. A good figure is not enough to only achieve, it needs to be kept. Change your wrong habits and observe how easy it is.

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Do not starve

Be careful, eating the right meals does not mean starving. Starving seriously damages your body, so we do not recommend it. Also, skipping the meals will definitely not last for the rest of your life, and if you end up starving, your weight will reach the original number, and you will be unsatisfied again, and also feel all the hunger consequences. Complete avoidance of eating is, therefore, unnecessary and detrimental torture. Starving and skipping meals helps you lose weight quickly, but it’s certainly not a way to a long-lasting slim figure.

TIP: Instead of starving, give a try to interrupted fasting. It’s an exciting way of eating when you eat all the food in 8 hours, and you do not eat for the rest of the day. Maybe you have tried this type of fasting, and you do not even realize it. Just skip breakfast and eat the first meal for lunch.


Eat 5 smaller or 3 bigger meals a day

When eating, there is a simple rule that is a total base for success. This should be the starting point to build your proper eating habits. The rule is: Diet 3 big meals or 5 smaller meals. It sounds like alternative mathematics, but it really is a key to eating correctly. Either you decide to eat 5 small meals or 3 large meals a day. Five smaller meals are available for breakfast, ten o clock meal, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. 3 big meals will, of course, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Do not snack in between meals

Do not eat small snacks between meals to cut the time for the next dish. Here I nibble a little cake, here a candy, a small lemonade, ice cream, nut and so it slowly goes like this every day. When you get used to solid meals, your body will be pleased, and you will also enjoy yourself when looking in the mirror. As a follow-up to the previous tip, choose the appropriate number of portions to avoid nibbling snacks.

What to do if you have an unbeatable desire for chocolate? Nutritional adviser advises that endorphins can be “made” otherwise. For example, if you select a short 15-minute walk in quick pacing and the result is guaranteed. Just do not go straight to the store!


Build up your eating habits

So we are aware of all the basic rules. In principle, it is the most worth to create a solid plan. You do not have to make a single move. We did all the job for you. Get our diet plan right now.

lose belly fat fast

How to lose belly fat fast ?

Lose belly fat is very difficult, but do not lose the hope, here are 5 tips on how to lose the belly fat really fast.

1. Avoid sugar  

Adding sugar is very unhealthy. It is proven that simple sugars (glucose, fructose) have clearly harming effects on metabolic health. Sugar is actually galactose, which is created partially by glucose and partly by fructose. The very significant disadvantage of fructose is that it can only be metabolized in the liver and if this does not happen (too much fructose intake), it all turns into fat.

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2. Eat more proteins  

Protein is the most critical macronutrient in helping to lose weight. It reduces the appetite by 60%, increases the metabolism by up to 80-100 kcal/day, and helps in taking fewer calories – up to 440 kcal/day. Increasing protein intake is, therefore, the best choice for fat loss. Try to increase the consumption of eggs, fish, seafood, poultry, and dairy products. These are the best sources of protein in the diet.

3. Drink a lot of water  

Sufficient water intake helps to get rid of any waste that settles in your body and thus in your abdomen area as well. It is proven that people who are often under stress have a larger belly. Stress is detrimental to the ability to control appetite. A sufficient amount of water helps not only reduce stress, but it also reduces the feeling of hunger. Even, if you do not drink enough water, your body starts to store it for later, which again appears to make your belly area bigger. That’s why – drink, drink, drink !

4. Eat foods rich in fiber  

There are two types of fiber – soluble and insoluble, both of which are very important for our body.

Soluble fiber, which is also well-known as soft, binds to water and infuses very easily. When consuming it, it is vital to receive enough fluid. Supports the peristalsis of the intestines and softens the stool. In the large intestine, it can partially decompose. It is found in most fruits and vegetables, in legumes, potatoes, and mushrooms. (Lose belly fat fast)

Insoluble fiber, also called crude fiber, is not water soluble and is indigestible. It does absorb water but does not infuse. It induces a feeling of satiety and acts against constipation. The source is root vegetables, corn skins, grats, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

How to lose belly fat fast

5. Do the exercise

Only changing the eating habits to get rid of that belly fat around the waist, is really not enough. I recommend you to practice cardiovascular exercises for 30-60 minutes three times a week. Excellent options are HIIT exercises or Tabata exercise that take only very little time but are super effective.


Our Meal Plan

Meal plan (really) designed to reach your dream.

In practice, we often deal with the fact that people are confused when dealing with food if they want to lose weight or shape their body. If you have the same issues to lose weight for a long time, this is exactly for you. Proper food is the base to succeed when losing weight. But who should get it all? I have an excellent solution for you.

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How to lose weight for women over 40

How to lose weight for women over 40

If you just crossed your 40 and want to lose weight, we know how to do it. Yes, in this age, nothing is forgiven that easily, and therefore, if you intend to have a still charming and slim figure, you must be very disciplined in everything you do.

Why is weight loss after 40 difficult ?

Because we’re slowing down … Maybe it is not visible, as you’re still sharp, vital, energetic, but your body already has experienced something and knows what is coming. It is scientifically proven that the older we are, the harder and slower the diet is converted to usable energy. According to general calculations, women’s metabolism slows down by two percent per year.

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In addition to this, however, some other factors influence the digestion and body functions. Fact, whether you could gain weight also from a sip of water, is also affected by your genetic disposition, lifestyle, eating habits, stress levels, and health. And hormonal changes are also a crucial parameter that reflects on your hips, butt or belly.

Although in our conditions women pass through a climacteric around 50 to 52 years, althoughthe body is about to begin preparing for this significant change for about seven years before. Therefore, you may experience increased fatigue, which logically leads to reduced exercise activity. Also, 40-plus women have to face many other age-related negative phenomena.

For example, mucosal secretion is reduced, which has a negative impact on defecating. Various appetites result from hormonal fluctuations, which also does not help to remove excess fat. If you do not resist, you get more and more on, then you are annoying or depressing, and you try to “overeat it” with food, and the vicious circle has just been born. That’s all simple facts, but let’s find a solution.

Start your metabolism

Effective start of the process to lose weight is possible at any age; different is just the effort you need to put into and the discipline you have to keep. The more you neglected everything before, the more challenging the process will be. At least, in the beginning, you should be making yourself ready for the weight loss at least just by having a small, healthy lifestyle change. In the first days, you can have only rice dishes, when you only consume dry rice and drink plenty of water. Your body is thus effectively detoxified. Gradually you can add vegetables, fresh fruit or vegetable juices. Such a strong start is an excellent trigger for a faster metabolism.

How to lose weight for women over 40

How to lose weight for women

How to lose weight for women – simple tips

These simple tips have been designed for women who are trying to get rid of overweight, but it can sometimes be challenging. Not because you just did not want to leave excess fat go, but because you are spoiling your own weight loss only by yourself.

Forget the excuses

If you decide to do something with your overweight, you should definitely forget about all the possible explanations that you just think of. It usually starts with the wordsnot yet today, I will start tomorrow” and ends with” but only one chocolate will not hurt me that much.” Try to keep your determination, think about what you want to achieve and put it all in.

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Do not compare with your friends

Comparing one’s own achievements but also failures with the others, it seems, is often a natural reaction and response. Best case scenario, you will motivate yourself, worst-case scenario, you get stressed out. Keep in mind that everybody is different, so do not worry about the fact that your friends have already lost a pound or two more than you.

Do not celebrate your success with food

Whether you are trying to lose weight or not, try not to reward yourself for your success in food, you are not a well-behaved dog. You better go to the cinema, the theater, or buy something nice for yourself. Pamper yourself. You will feel much better and will significantly reduce the chance that your overweight kilograms will return again.

Rest and relax

Rest and relaxation play a significant role in weight loss. The basis is good sleep, which directly affects our health and mental state. Sleep deprivation can cause anxiety, depression or decreased activity and mood swings. If you sleep not well, go for walks, try herbal tea in the evening and put a lot of fresh air from outside into the bedroom. When you feel great and relaxed, weight loss will also be more effective.

Be active and practice sport

Do you say that you are not a sporty type? That you do not have time for regular sport? And are not these the excuses again? You do not have to start to practice the sport every day, start with short walks, choose an activity that will make you happy and motivated – for one it’s a gym, for the other dance lessons and somebody will enjoy inline skating. You will soon find that you can not imagine your day without doing any sport.

Quality weight loss products really work

Little help in the meantime is not bad in the process of losing weight. Choose the quality and proven products that will help you on your way to get the slim figure. The favorite protein KetoDiet is just such a great helper. (How to lose weight for women)

Super foods to support weight loss

5 super foods to support weight loss

The square circle, the Perpetuum mobile, and the food that delivers energy, while losing your weight, looks like clear made up stories.

At least the last one you have or you can have in your kitchen. Try these miracles to get the vitality into your veins, and your body fat amount increases quickly.


On the plate at least once a week, but the more, the better. We have a negative attitude towards it because it can clean our guts, but it is nothing compared to the benefits it brings. Small beans contain a lot of benefits indeed. Complex carbohydrates, lots of protein, potassium, iron, and fiber. It is a product of eternal health, is considered as a basis for a lot of meals, it delivers a lot of energy, fills and it is fuel for a slimmer figure. It rejuvenates the cells in the body, therefore great companion for all the women.

Oat flakes

Forget all of their derivatives. No sweet muesli, no snacks, classic tasty and pure, that’s how are the best – oat flakes. Just pour hot milk or hot water on it, add banana, some coconut oil and you get breakfast with a perfectly balanced combination of slow and fast carbohydrates plus proteins. It’s a real breakfast for women who need to have a source of energy at the start of the day when they do not expect to stop. They will not feel hungry, but their figure will not suffer at all.

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During winter it is an excellent source of vitamins. Fibers, potassium, copper, B vitamins. All combined with healthy monounsaturated fats, which add to your body a long-term fuel for energy. You will digest the avocado spread for a long time, and it tastes great. Not much needed to feel like you just ate, and that’s just a system that works in favor of slimline. You do not have to worry about vitality anymore. This is just the avocado – it takes care of everything.

Broccoli and Brussels sprout

Not only they help to burn fats; they are very effective fighters in getting rid of carcinogenic substances from the body, are considered to be small cleaners of our guts. They support the internal organs to function correctly so that the figure can be kept at the optimum level. We rarely have these gems on the plate. This is also why humans are becoming increasingly obese.

5 super foods to support weight loss


Water is the treasure that flows directly from the tap. At the same time, we replace it with sweetened water, which only increases the folds around the waist. If you experience the first signs of malaise and lack of energy, drink first. Usually, the drinking regime is inadequate and causes this condition. A glass of water before a meal helps us to feel full. Even in some cases, the thirst asks for food, and we offer it. Start drinking more water. You get an infusion of energy, and your weight starts to decrease.

Young sportsman exercising in park

How drinking more water can you help lose weight ?

Are you hungry ? Drink ! It is not a joke, water when losing weight, plays a crucial role.

The reasons why water is essential in weight loss is explained by a nutritionist and more specifically a specialist on Hays diet.


With the absence of water, the fat remains stuck

If the body has plenty of water, we feel saturated and do not get hungry as wolves. With the absence of water, it is just the total opposite. Cause: Nutrients are transported incorrectly into cells, and are also under-consumed. By failing to digest well, the extra waste material is deposited in the fatty tissue. It blocks the transport of nutrients in the muscles, creating a vicious circle – we put on weight because nutrients remain in fat mass, and we still have a feeling of extreme hunger because body cells suffer from a lack of nutrients.


Water speeds up the digestion

In case of lack of water, the colon dries. Consequence: We feel full, it swells us and constipation may appear as well. If we get in enough water, these difficulties are very quickly lost, and digestion is carried out without any obstacles.

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Prevents our health from being damaged

During weight loss, harmful substances are released during the process of fat loss and must be cleaned away. If this does not happen, the organism will be acidified, or sediments created. These may appear in the form of arthritis or kidney stones. By the way, frequent drinking during the day limits the feeling of hunger.

How drinking more water can help you lose weight


How to drink water correctly

In the morning we boil about half a liter of water. After 10 minutes of boiling, fill the thermos and every hour during the day, we sip out a couple of gulps. Hot water is more natural than cold to get into cells where it can be more quickly active. Positive Side Effect: When we drink plenty of water, we irritate our taste buds, and suddenly we no longer have a taste for something else. Also, the water very well acts on the nerves and promotes a good mood. In the evening, drink one cup of water.


Coffee and tea take a lot of water away from the body

Do not drink more than two cups of coffee or black or green tea a day, because too much caffeine or tein is taking away valuable water from the cells. As a result, the kidneys excrete excessive amounts of fluid, the body is deficient in water, and it dries out.


4 items that destroy your slim figure. Avoid them!

Slim figure ? If this is your dream, avoid following foods that can block your effort to lose weight.

Coffee Creamer

Cream, whipped cream or other creams that are served with black coffee contain fats in the form of trans-fatty acids. This type of fat is easy to be stored just where you want it to have at least – in your waist area. Research also points to the fact that trans fatty fats can, in addition to physical functions, also reduce mental health functions. Adult people aged 45 or more are reported to have worse memory. If you want to eat healthy and black coffee you can not imagine to enjoy without any ingredients, try to replace the cream or its products with low-fat cows’ milk, soy or almond milk. In general, however, black coffee is kept among the best fat burners. Thanks to caffeine and antioxidants, it helps to start metabolism and speed up some vital body functions.

4 items that destroy your slim figure- avoid them and lose weight

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Sweet drinks

They contain artificial colors, sugar or their substitutes in the form of sweeteners. All of these components are responsible for increasing body weight, at the same time increasing the blood glucose level, creating a burden for the liver and ultimately change into the fat that is stored and kept in the abdomen area. According to a study called Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, the dye found in some favorite beverages increases the rate of growth of tumor cells. A healthy alternative to flavored water is pure water and low sodium content water. If you dream about the slim figure, avoid drink fruit juices in the diet period, which can easily contain a high level of fruit sugars.

Fried food

Fried schnitzels, fish or cauliflower. Yes or no? Experts agree that if you have to choose between this type of processed meat and vegetables, let’s select the first option. Frozen vegetables, such as cauliflower, can absorb much more fat, as is the case with ordinary schnitzels. Frozen foods do not need to be definitively excluded from a menu, but it is recommended to consume them not very often, for example twice a month. But if they become a regular part of your lifestyle (every Sunday), they can ruin your chances of getting a slim figure. Healthy substitutes are stewed or cooked low-salt foods that you can serve with any vegetable.

fried food

Energetic drinks

If you are trying to lose weight and you replace lack of energy with energy drinks, be careful. These chemical cocktails can be refreshing and encouraging in small amounts, but with excessive drinking, however, prepare to gain weight. Energy drinks contain a great deal of caffeine, sugar or artificial sweeteners and other stimulating chemicals. Sugar delivers the so-called “fake energy” into the body, which means you will feel good only for a short time. However, after a sudden increase in sugar in the blood, it is rapidly decreasing, which mainly results in a mood change and nervousness.

Would you like to lose weight in 10 days ? These simple tricks help you to reach this goal.

You know it; sometimes it is exactly those 5 kilograms that are always somewhere exceeding and do not let us feel great in the body.

Get rid of them effectively and quickly, let’s say in 10 days !

Increase the water intake

Water is a crucial factor in weight reduction. Water releases your body of toxins. During weight loss, drink 4 to 5 liters of water per day.

Swap coffee for green tea

Drinking hot green tea affects the empty stomach very well. It removes from the body harmful substances and helps with digestive issues. It is also very efficient to release fat, so we should drink it during weight loss, but in reasonable doses only.

Hot water with lemon and honey

Hot water with lemon and honey is an impressive trick while losing weight. Drink this perfect drink every day, and you will feel and see the difference!

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Decrease the carbohydrate intake

A very well-known rule. Reduce carbohydrate intake. Replace side dishes with vegetables, and you see how the weight goes down and down.

Increase the proteins intake

Proteins help us with muscle building. They can also reduce the fat in our body and turn it into muscle mass.

Egg Proteins

Increase the fiber intake

A high fiber meal is perfect. In addition to weight reduction, it helps us to fight bad cholesterol. With dishes with fiber, you have even longer feeling of not being hungry!

Skip fast food meals

Stay away from fast food. Unhealthy foods such as pizza, hamburgers and their relatives are greasy, and instead of losing weight, you will even put more with them. Not even a temptation in the form of reward is allowed!

Do the exercise

Be physically active. You know very well that it’s essential for weight loss and, so you stay fit. Start with simple activities like a fast walk, swimming or try yoga. Slowly, step by step, you build a perfect condition, and the weight will decrease without you noticing it.

Avoid these three poisons

Rice, sugar, and salt must take place in your meals, but only in small amounts. Do not stay away from them, but check the amount you eat.

Lose weight in 10 days. Simple tricks

Decrease your consumption to 1/3

If you receive the same amount of food as you have so far, your body does not start losing weight. Reduce your intake by 2/3, and your metabolism reacts immediately.

Do not skip meals

If you want to lose weight, keep regular meals. If you omit one meal, you make it even worse. Remember, your body remembers it.

Eat meals with a high amount of water in them

Food like watermelon, cucumber or papaya has little calories. They are even allowed for the evening meals.

Quality sleep

Take care of regular and quality sleep. Try to sleep and get up at the same time. It works well not only for weight loss but also for your body.

Organize your eating habits

Create your diet plan for each week and follow it. Write your shopping list and cook the meals you have planned.

Finally, stick to your plan to get better results. Fingers crossed !

How To Lose the Weight as Soon as Possible

Are you still trying to reduce your weight but no success ? You do the exercise permanently and check what you eat but again – not a single kilogram down? Everybody and each organism are different and what works for one, does not automatically works for you as well. The most difficult is to lose the weight after giving birth to a baby, but also with office job where you do not have that many opportunities to move.


How to quickly lose 10 kg? Is it really possible and can we really reduce weight that much in such a short time without any side effects? Try to follow these couple of recommendations, and you see that the result is tangible, you just need a strong will and willingness to exercise.


Great eating habits matter. The best and the most effective way how to lose weight is to change eating habits. With fast losing weight, you have to forget about sweet drinks, sweet dishes and white flour. You shouldn’t eat sugar not even from the fruit that contains a lot of it, for example, bananas.
The best way how to lose weight is to avoid white bread, white flour also crumbs from white bread rolls. You have to exclude also pre-cooked dishes, fried food, doughnuts, pork, milk and eggs. Your meals should consist of legumes, seeds, nuts, chickpeas, salmon and a lot of vegetables.

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The crucial point within weight loss is enough of the move. Stay active and move a lot, also focus on cardio. To quickly lose the weight, the best is:

  • Run
  • Swimming
  • Cycling

If you would like to lose weight as quick as possible and as effective as possible, we recommend combining these sports. Try to mix running and swimming, you feel full of energy and the results in weight loss will be visible very soon.


Keep drinking is very important and it is crucial to follow it regularly. With quick weight reduction forget any alcohol mostly spirits and beer. Avoid also all the sweet drinks, even the ones with the artificial sweeteners.

Weight loss

3 Secrets of Weight Loss

Obesity is not just the result of bad selection of food and lack of movement. It usually appears as a long-term consequence of a complex lifestyle that incorporates a number of habits. In other words, it is the issue of the whole personality.

Food meets more and more completely different functions. It works for us as pleasure, distraction, part of social intercourse. It is not only a matter of nutrition but, above all, of the psyche.

1. No more eating after 6 pm ? Wrong !

(but not only those) they say that after 5-6 pm they will no longer consume anything. There are several reasons why this is bad for our organism.

Our body has its mind. One thing is that we think of what we eat, the second is how our body feels with this. We consciously limit the intake of food, but the body does not know that we want to achieve something by this step. It just wants to function normally. If it does not get nutrients, it starts to “fight” – and starts to “eat” itself.

We lose weight, but when we begin to eat again in larger quantities, the body starts to defend itself and make a supply of whatever we take in. It wants to avoid this situation, this starvation. Then comes the well-known Jojo effect.

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Many of us do not even eat in the evening because they do not know what’s right or what is not. The body often chooses itself, what is essential, the main thing is not to overeat yourself and to follow some basic principles.


2. What is the next step after exercise?

What, our body will work with right after. When we finish the exercise and enjoy a caloric snack from the grocery, we do not do much for ourselves. We have to accept another energy source – the one from which the body can regenerate and nourish itself.

3. Do not be scared of eating

Right after exercise, it is good to take a little bit of glucose (a simple carbohydrate) that will ensure the transport of substances and will also become the primary source of energy for the body. Something like “first aid” for our muscles :).

If the body is not fed like this after training, it is likely that it reaches the worst available energy source and that is our muscle cells. This way, we prevent ourselves from progressing and muscle growth … And the more vital the muscles are, the easier the weight loss is.

Further, about 20 to 30 minutes after exercise, it is very good to take the protein. Basically after the performance, the easier to digest, the better. So mixing protein is an ideal thing to do. Do not be afraid of so-called truths as “but I do not want to take in any chemicals,” it’s probably just chemical like baby milk 🙂 Unfortunately, it has a misconception among the laic audience.

If you take the exercise at least somewhat seriously, your body pays you off. So do it and go for it !