Healthy Habits

10 Daily Habits for a Healthier Life

Some people sail effortlessly through their lives and make the right decisions. They know exactly what they should eat, they get up early in the morning to enjoy their morning run and dedicate eight hours to sleeping each night. If this is not your case, it may be useful for you to check which healthy habits could have a beneficial effect on your overall health and well-being.

Any change in one’s lifestyle is not easy, but getting rid of bad habits, and if it does not support your body and health, should be even better motivation to change it. Out of my experience, I know that many changes at once are not to be kept for a long time. Therefore I recommend to plan changes and get rid of bad habits slowly, step by step. Ideally, focus on one bad habit you would like to get rid of and focus on it for 4 to 6 weeks. This is usually the time when a healthy habit becomes part of everyday life. If you want to improve your lifestyle, choose one of these five healthy habits that can help you to reach it.

Early in bed, an early riser in the morning

Good quality sleep is one of the basic patterns that we should adhere to. It dramatically affects the quality of our lives and health. Sleeping six to seven hours each night can actually help you live longer, maintain a healthy weight and help you work better throughout the day. Do not stay up long and try to go to bed sooner. It is very beneficial if you set up regular pre-going to bed routines. For example, a hot bath, reading a book or writing a diary, just any activity that will calm you down before sleeping. Of course, the darkness and the bedroom full of fresh air are the keys to quality sleep. Also, new research shows something new – keeping one foot out of bed can help regulate body temperature more effectively. Finally, if you suffer from a lack of sleep, skipping early training can help you. Better plan to train later than to do it and cut your rest.


Don’t stress, be happy!

Stress is associated with strokes and heart attacks, so it’s essential to have a strategy to help you cope with stress. In stressful situations, counting to 10 works perfectly. This simple counting dramatically reduces stress and pressure in emotional explosions such as quarrels, etc. So before you erupt emotionally count to 10. Strong support in stress relief is yoga, meditation, and pilates. Personally, I use breathing techniques every day out of my smartwatch. It takes me only 3 minutes a day. It is simple, relaxed breathing, where the vibrations of my watch indicate the length of breath in and breath out. Another excellent stress reliever is listening to relaxation or meditation music. The more you realize how you react to stressful situations, the easier it will be for you to manage them.

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Regular training

People working in the morning hours are more likely to continue to exercise regularly than those who are working shifts. Proper training as a daily ritual is crucial, but no need to even visit a gym to reach this goal. Walking, running or yoga training for at least 30 minutes can help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and even type 2 diabetes. Regardless of the day time you work, it is essential to practice at least 30 minutes at a moderate intensity. However, if you train with a lower intensity, you have to increase the length of the training to achieve the same result.

There is no meat like the meat

The building blocks of our body are, of course, proteins. They are part of muscle protein, but also to be found in enzymes, hormones or antibodies. Proteins must be taken in to compensate for the losses caused by our activity, whether it is training or regular daily activity. The most excellent source of protein intake is mostly meat. The vast majority of people are not concerned about its origin, and that is a big mistake. There is no meat like the other meat. Have a look at what kind of meat you buy. Is it a free chicken or a caged chicken? Realize that free chicken will have less fat and cholesterol than that out of the cage, as it is more moving within its life than the chicken that lives in the cage. A similar motion rule can also be used for other types of meat, whether fish or beef.



Fruit and vegetable always around

We need to realize the importance of eating vegetables and fruits for us. These foods mostly have a high share of antioxidants and fiber. Not to mention vitamins and minerals. According to a recent study, fruit and vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease by as much as 50 percent. We should eat at least 400 grams of fruit and vegetables a day. It does not matter what form – whether fresh or as a puree in a smoothie or cooked.
So what would you say to implement into your everyday life some healthier habits? It does not have to be any of mine, be creative. Believe or not, any change to a better lifestyle will ultimately help you live better, healthier, happier and longer.

Stress to lose weight

How to Reduce Stress to Lose Weight

Are you familiar with the feeling when everything falls down on your head ? Daily stress at work, regular shopping is a must or family as well? That’s when you just say: “I am in stress”.

You do not even realize what’s going on in your body. In these stressful situations, your body produces the stress hormones of adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline prepares the body for performance and, together with cortisol, keeps the organism on standby in a stressful situation. These two hormones actually act against each other. Adrenaline causes your body to perform extreme performance, and cortisol production prevents your organism from the effects of adrenaline. Now we are heading to the point. Increased cortisol production can cause extra fat layers despite your regular exercise and healthy eating.

Eat the stress over

When in stress, we often feel exhausted. Then we feel the urge to eat something. But your body and your taste buds do not even think of eating green salad. Exactly the fatty, sweet and caloric foods can make the stress distract and caress your stressed soul. In stressful situations, the body consumes more energy than in normal ones. That’s why the body is looking for a fast energy source. So definitely put the chips or chocolate that you have at home just to be on the safe side, away.

Stress load also plays an essential role in designing diet plans.

eat to stress

Stress while losing weight

You may be thinking about it – why to stress while losing weight? It’s simple, blame your eagerness and impatience. Especially at the beginning of weight loss process, if you would like to see the results right now. Every morning you check on weight, and if there’s not a number you would want to see, you’ll be sad and maybe angry. And this is the moment when your body has to cope with the stressful situation. Frequent expectations of weight loss and constant monitoring of your body may slow down or stop the process of losing weight. However, if you are able to look at weight loss from a different perspective and stop being stressed with no reason, your body will start to lose weight much more relaxed.

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How to fight stress

All of us are different and therefore all of us deal with stressful situations differently. Someone can do it more efficiently, others get it more intense. As with the other things, also with stress management, we are individual. That is why every one of us should choose an activity that makes him happy. It makes no sense for you to force yourself into something that does not attract you at all. Precisely the opposite, you stress your body even more. If you like sports, it’s an ideal activity to fight stress. It is a well-known fact that after exercise there is a production of so-called happiness hormones, endorphins, so after training, you will definitely experience this happiness when nothing is impossible.


Relax more often

Find the time to relax as often as possible. Read a good book or dance. Listen to your favorite music. Relax in the sauna or at the swimming pool. Meet with friends. All activities that make you happy will fight stress. In the end, you always have to tell yourself when the bet is not on life, it’s on nothing. The problems are to be solved and those you cannot solve, just let them go.


So – here we are – we have made it to the end of our losing weight series.

We’ve gone through all the traps of weight loss, and we also discussed how to lose weight without being hungry. I believe the series helped you and get you started to apply the changes into your life.

The series was presented not only with my personal experience but also with the expertise of nutrition studies. I wish you a lot of kilograms down that would never come back!


Natural fat burners !

Fat is an essential part of the human body as it helps maintain stable body temperature and protects the body from heat loss.

But once it is too much of it and we do our best to get rid of it, besides regular exercise, we find helpful also balanced eating habits, where it is recommended to eat especially those types of foods that help fats to decompose, to burn easier and prevent them from being kept for later.
These natural fat burners naturally accelerate metabolism, have a cleansing effect, reduce the feeling of hunger, and help to lose weight.

Natural fat burners are mostly foods containing:

  1. Capsaicin– a plant alkaloid responsible for a spicy taste. It is soluble in fats and alcohols., dramatically speeds up metabolism, supports the reduction of the stored fat cells, and protects testosterone during a calories deficit.
  2. Synephrine– a substance naturally found in bitter citrus fruits. It significantly accelerates metabolism and is especially helpful in burning so-called persistent body fat (mainly in the area of the buttocks and thighs, in the lower abdomen and lower back).
  3. Caffeine– comes with a beneficial effect on the acceleration of metabolism while increasing the amount of burned calories. Connected with exercise, it is interesting that taking caffeine before training increases the level of free testosterone, muscle stamina, and anaerobic performance.


To take advantage of the beneficial potential of foods that help burning fat, it’s good to include in your diet, for example:

Lemon –drives the proper start of metabolism and triggers a fat burning process in our body. In addition to being rich in vitamin C and thus strengthen immunity, due to vitamin B6 and L-carnitine production, it also helps the liver and kidney cleansing when losing weight. It is recommended to drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon in the morning (or during the day before the main course). However, because lemon juice acts detoxing (cleanses the body), it is possible that, especially in the first days, this cure will cause to your body increased urination or temporarily visible skin problems.

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Grapefruit – citrus fruit with typically bitter taste caused by a substance called pectin. Pectin boosts digestion and balances blood sugar levels. Prevents keeping fat in risk areas – such as abdomen, legs, and buttocks.

Cinnamon –speeds up metabolism and has a positive effect on digestion. It can dissociate fat and sugar, preventing increased fat layers in the body. Its fragrance also acts relaxing while improving the mood. May be used as a flavor for cooking and baking, added to yogurt, mash or coffee.


Ginger –it congests and overheats the body and strengths immunity. It accelerates metabolism and speeds up the digestion comes with the ability to dissolve fat cells and its essential oils clean up the body. It is most often prepared as a tea or used as an ingredient while baking or cooking.

Green tea –not only regulates cholesterol, significantly accelerates digestion and regulates the kept fat in the body.

Chili peppers – warm up the body and help burn fat. Thanks to the contained substance of capsaicin, they have a positive effect on the organism and act as a weight loss stimulant. Minimum of calories and keep the sweet tooth moods under control.

Avocado – although this fruit counts a higher caloric value, it also contains a substance that slows down the release of insulin, so the body does not manage to store all the fats. Avocado increases the speed of metabolism and maintains a prolonged feeling of satiety in the body.

Pineapple – thanks to the bromelain enzyme, it accelerates fat burning. Also a large amount of fiber, which not only causes the feeling of saturation but also keeps proper digestion. Fresh pineapple helps to better digest dairy products, proteins, and meat.

Coffee – caffeine content not only prevents the fatigue, but also push back the appetite, but causes the fat burning process to be effective in the body, as it also contains antioxidants. Keep in mind, however, that coffee is a strong diuretic, and that there is a risk of losing fluids that need to be refilled. Prefer the quality coffee (with no sugar and no milk) and do not overdrink it.

Coconut oil – supports fat burning. While using a non-aromatic type of coconut oil, it can even be used to fry meat, since it can heat up to 200 degrees Celsius. Also as a milk substitute in coffee.

Coconut Oil

However, it should be reminded that even the most effective fat burners will not do the magic tricks with our overweight or obesity. The principle of keeping healthy eating habits and, of course, adding sufficient motion into lives, works all the time.

3 greatest myths in diet

Myth# 1

Eat healthy = be on a diet

Two ways are leading to healthy eating habits. Either it is required by health itself, and the change of lifestyle is recommended by a doctor or other expert, or we decide ourselves voluntarily. Whether the reason is short-term (e.g., weight loss for the summer, ball, etc.) or long-term. It is essential, in both ways, to remember that changing diet and following, lifestyle as well, is not a short-term action, but should be a LIFE LONG DECISION (if, of course, the health is okay). This change should be meant as an entirely voluntary decision. This means that if I do not like broccoli, I do not have to eat it twice a week or if I love gummy bears, I will enjoy some from time to time.

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Everyone prefers this or that taste, everyone likes something else, and a healthy diet comes with a great bonus – it is variable. Everyone can find something there. An important fact is that you need to think about it and use common sense: when eating somewhere more, we have to cut something down on the other side. The “light” version does not mean that I can eat a ton of it; to eat dinner at no later than 6 o’clock in the evening when I go to bed at midnight is an entirely useless fact, and we can find much more. Therefore, anyone who sees a healthy diet as a time-limited important activity done with a specific purpose only will not succeed, but can also hurt himself.

Many people claim that healthy food costs time and money. Preparation of breakfast, snack, and lunch for the next day takes extra time. On the other hand, buying a breakfast, a snack and lunch as an already prepared dish (breakfast in a café, lunch in a restaurant, etc.) is indeed a more expensive action. Do you feel ashamed to bring plastic doses with food to school or work? People around you can only envy you. Sooner or later (in some sad cases never), everybody realizes that what we eat, reflects in our physical and mental aspects. When we start eating lighter, healthier and even more regular, we will feel better. And undoubtedly others may notice it as well.


Myth# 2

Diet (be on a diet, follow the reduction diet)

Honestly, I do not like to hear anyone saying he’s on a diet. 90 percent of cases – it is one of the most famous diets such as protein diet, fat-burning diet, fruit diet, or simply fasting for a few days (not mentioning weight loss pills, cocktails, etc.). This type of diet is suitable to reach just one thing: quickly lose a few pounds that will come back after returning to the old lifestyle (well- known Jojo effect). As a bonus, you can still hurt yourself.


If you decide to lose weight, you are overweight, or you are not happy with your current weight (now I do not mean just 1-2 kilograms that you put on during vacation, the sport is well enough to get rid of them), reduction diet would be your solution. You should only start it after proper consultation with an expert followed by a basic health check. Only then can your diet be optimally adjusted for optimal intake and recommended exercise activity.


Myth# 3

The most important parameter – how much did you lose

Everybody is unique. Our body composition is a crucial factor. Therefore, when you lose 10 kilograms and reach the desired weight, do not still consider yourself to be the winner. It is a big difference between losing 10 kg of fat and 10 kg of muscle mass. A more important indicator is the measurement of the circumference of the arms, chest, abdomen and possibly thighs. If you lose your weight properly, you have enough nutrients and regular exercise activity, you burn mostly excess fat. However, if you starve, your body will reach out to the energy reserves also hidden in the muscles, which is a huge mistake. Therefore, it is important to exercise while following a reduction diet: it is a change in the ratio between muscle mass and fatty tissue in your body.

Give a try to diet that will rock the world in 2019 !

If you consider yourself to be one of those that are continually trying but still haven’t found that useful way, maybe the new trends show you more inspiration for how to finally lose weight.

The most often resolution for women at the beginning of the new year is to be fit and look accordingly. To put it into pieces: the goal is to lose weight – at least a couple of kilograms. Which trends should we expect in 2019? They really help us to look better.

2018 was ruled by keto, but! 

Last year the top-notch was keto diet DASH. Keto recipes, also shared by celebrities as Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow were the most searched recipes in Google.

Keto diet is connected with specific unpleasant side effects though; also the doctors advise to be cautious that the longterm ketosis status is not healthy for the body. Also, food with the massive level of fat and lack of saccharides proved itself to be unhealthy for heart and veins.

What is the opinion on diets and current nutritional trends of Lyndi Cohen, well known prestigious nutrition specialist ? Keto diet will not be that fancy for a long time, because more and more professionals point out its harmful effects.

Keto diet

There are more and more women with bad experience. As of Lyndi Cohen, you can lose weight through the keto diet, but it is not healthy to stay in ketosis status for a long time. She also mentioned that it is a really restrictive method with no space to be flexible. So if you desire to lose weight, try different approaches.

Interrupted fast

The higher success is credited to full day eating combined with fast. No need to keep it for whole days but as one of the healthiest and the most effective methods is fast taking place for 16 hours a day.

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It means that you eat the last day at 5pm or 6pm and your next meal is only the next day at 11am. Feel free to start by 12 hours of fast. The rest of the day you eat as usual. Not just the weight loss but also the benefits for the patients suffering from diabetes and also works to decrease the appetite.

Lyndi Cohen but warns that even this diet helps to lose weight, if you are not able to keep it long term, the results will not be longterm as well.

“Any diet, mostly that one including longterm starving is a bad choice for your relationship with food and could cause that you suffer from the issue to eat healthier in the long term period.

Up-to-date counting

Not only counting the calories, we know for a long time that this is not the crucial part we have to be aware of. New, up-to-date calories counting includes many saccharides, fats, and proteins

Nutrition specialist but warns that even this attitude is not the best one. Why ? Because it is much more difficult to check on three values instead one with every meal you eat.

Of course, by counting the content, we are able to lose weight, but constant check-ups of nutrients and noting down everything you eat could cause a dangerous food obsession.  It is another proof for a diet that is not manageable to be kept in the long term, that again increases the probability that you give up on it.

There is no universal perfect diet for everybody

What is important to realize is – there is no perfect diet to be great for everybody. What more – diets work … until they stop. There is always some hot trend, but these diets usually are not sustainable longterm. You always reach the point when you dont want to count everything you eat or simply – you want to eat a bowl full of sacharids …. if this happens, you could gain your weight back.


Still and again hungry ? Find the reason why !

Hunger is very important for our life. We get the announcement when to eat so our body, brain included, do not suffer. Worse is if you feel hunger doesn’t matter how much and when have you just eaten. What to blame for the constant feeling of hunger?

You probably do not eat enough of proteins. Proteins are the essential nutrient with the magic power to keep you full for a long time. An easy trick to help you feel full during the whole day is that with every meal during the day you have to eat also proteins.

Lack of proteins

You probably do not eat enough of proteins. Proteins are the essential nutrient with the magic power to keep you full for a long time. An easy trick to help you feel full during the whole day is that with every meal during the day you have to eat also proteins. Even the fruit is possible to be combined with proteins – try apples or pears with peanut butter.

Lack of fiber

Sufficient amount of fiber automatically goes hand in hand with a feeling of being full and in no need of food. Food that does not contain the fiber or only small dose of it sprints through our digestive system, and you are hungry again.

Then add more fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals into your daily dishes.


Big breaks in between meals

Your constant feeling of hunger could mean that you had a big break between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. Usually, everybody needs some food every three to four hours.

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If not possible, eat at least the small, but nutritious snack. Otherwise, your brain starts to send signals of intense hunger that leads to immediate overeating. Always have around some nuts, almonds, dried unsweetened fruits or protein bar.

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep increases the appetite, and it is one of the risk factors of obesity. Moreover, if you do not sleep enough, you are often hungry for unhealthy food. Realize what kind of food you preferred when you didn’t sleep much and on the contrary, after a full night of sleep for 7-8 hours.

Chronic stress

Whether work, family life, relations – stress could cause that you are in the constant need to eat something. You satisfy yourself with every food, but with no positive effect.

If you realize that you feel the need to eat something due to the stress factor, try to calm down, get rid of stress and only then eat. In the most critical moments, the best helper is raw vegetables, almonds or nuts that also provide the brain with positive effects and calms it down.

Be careful with your health

Except for these factors we are able to influence, the feeling of constant hunger could be the symptom of specific health issues. It could be diabetes, or you do not regulate it properly, but also the problems with the thyroid gland. Hyperactivity of thyroid gland could cause weight loss and increased appetite, as the hair loss, irregular menstruation, excessive sweating, and fatigue.

On the contrary, the insufficient function of thyroid gland is usually connected with body weight increment and metabolism slow down. The feeling of constant hunger could be caused by some medicaments as well, usually the corticoids and antidepressants. If this is also your case, consult with your GP the remedies to be changed.


Slim Women

Finally pleasant weight loss ! Rule 80:20

No more refusals to celebrate evenings out with friends and obligation to count calories. Change your eating habits without any bad feeling, stay motivated, happy and still slim. It sounds great, doesn’t it ?

The same promises to rapid weight loss, still new trends in nutrition, but let us say honestly, how many items of the long list of diets are for a long time realistically sustainable ?

It is no right to get the body into extremes. Better bet on a slow approach to lifelong habits that you will not see as a limitation. You will not always be losing and consequently again, motivating yourself. Also, you will live a longer and happier life. Let’s discuss business.

Balance is crucial here!

Rule 80: 20, also known as Paret’s rule, is based on balance within the diet. Those who have been following it for years have appreciated simple principles without any need to cheat.

80% of the day you eat healthy, fresh food – vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, eggs, legumes, and nuts. 20% of the day you are allowed to „cheat“ with a cup of coffee or a drink with your friends. No worries, no need to count, note down and study tables.

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It’s simple: 3 times a day you eat healthily. 3 x per week you get yourself a reward. You keep your motivation easier when you know that the time for the goodies you like is coming.

The better you eat, the more you can enjoy

„Cheating“ will be for you within every fifth meal. If you manage to eat 5 times a day and in smaller portions, you can even have up to 7 smaller portions of food per week, that you really do like and are not considered to be one of the dietary meals. And enjoy them truly without any sorrow, your figure will not suffer, unless of course, you will not overeat yourself with it.

This is also proven by the world-famous beauty faces that adhere to this rule, as admired actress Jessica Alba or one of the most in-demand top models – Miranda Kerr. “The key is consistency. I really believe that enjoying everything in the right amount is the best choice,“ said supermodel Miranda


Weight loss with hypothyroidism – Practical tips

Hypothyroidism is a chronic disease, caused by reduced thyroid function. It leads to some symptoms, including increased body weight (caused by decreased metabolism), water keeping water inside the body, depression, muscle pain, increased cholesterol, increased fatigue, mental “fog,” etc. Not only does it increase body weight, but it is also difficult to lose weight due to this disease!

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Experts are not sure why it is so, but there are several theories, including changes in metabolism, insulin resistance, and changes in brain chemistry. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help fight this disea-se, but you will not lose the weight in the same way as a healthy person.

Be realistic and realize that there is a certain weight limit that you simply can not cross. Having more energy, getting rid of the feeling of tiredness and depression are usually much more important things that affect the quality of life than a few extra pounds.

Dietary tips to lose weight with hypothyroidism

Reduce the use of stimulants. When you try to fight fatigue, stimulants like caffeine can be a way of life. Stop doing that, do not drink so much coffee, Coke. Instead, enjoy a stimulating tea. This will help your adrenal glands regenerate, and you get the boost of new energy.

Reduce the number of carbohydrates you eat to 45% of the total daily volume. The rest should consist of a lot of protein. Enjoy plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains (whole grain bread and pasta, brown rice, wheat sprouts). These foods are nutritionally superior to their refined counterparts.

Limit sweet (simple carbohydrates) foods such as cakes, pastries, biscuits, candies, ice cream, and fries. These foods stimulate high insulin production. Protein is digested slower, slowing down insulin release.

Increase your fiber intake to 30-40 grams per day. People with hypothyroidism often encounter slow digestion and constipation. Drink 8-12 cups of water a day. Metabolism requires plenty of drinking water. Otherwise, you experience painful weight loss. Hypothyroidism causes weight gain, usually 5 pounds extra.

You can also take extra 10 kilos due to permanent fatigue and reluctance to exercise. If you still feel tired, you are „powerless“. This can lead to a vicious circle. Physical activity and exercise is the key to weight control and fatigue reduction

Emotional eating

How to prevent from emotional eating ! 6 easy steps

Many people do not control their meals and consume food as needed and felt by their emotional mood. If you are happy, order a pizza. If you feel sorry for yourself, something sweet will definitely help you. These eating habits are bad! And we have a solution to how to change it. For better.

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  1. Focus on food – many people have the habit of eating during watching television or reading newspapers. This habit must be stopped because you have to focus on eating when eating. If you do not concentrate on the process itself, it will lead to a state of being overeaten. The negative effect of spread focus while eating is also scientifically proven. (emotional eating)


  1. Balance your nutrients – if you build up the habit of eating healthy and adequately spreading the intake of individual nutrients, you will reduce the likelihood of emotional eating. You have to take in daily the right ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to satisfy your needs, to complement your body’s energy and eliminate appetites during unusual emotional mood cravings.


  1. Wait a bit before eating – if you’re not sure what makes you want to eat, take the habit to wait ten minutes before you eat something. During these ten minutes, do some homework or make yourself busy with something else. If after this time you still want to eat, then you should eat. Probably, though, the fact that you intended to eat something, will be forgotten.

  1. Have only healthy food at home – a secret weapon against the process of overeating and unhealthy food? No way – a common logic. If you do not focus on anything unhealthy visually, you reduce the likelihood that it makes you eat it. If you like something and you do not have it with you, there is a chance that you will reach for a better alternative. So get rid of all unhealthy food and have a handful of fruits and vegetables.


  1. Avoid social impact – people get used to eating more when they are accompanied by someone, at a visit or a celebration. The endless eating of small meals, no focus, and social pressure lead to an inopportune overeating process. Pay attention to what you eat and do not lose the focus on it.


  1. Find an alternative to eating – if you get hurt, you often reach for something that is hidden in the food. However, studies show that there are alternatives that can improve your emotional state without compromising your health or figure. For example, a dog. There is scientific evidence that interacting with pets leads to the excretion of oxytocin, which strengthens the mood. However, walking or exercising is also good. Psychologically, you can also help yourself by sharing with a friend.



Healthy lifestyle sports a man legs running and walking while

We know how many steps are needed to lose weight

Walking ! One of the most natural activities of all the times. Although you may think that nothing happens to your body when walking, you are wrong. If you are not one of the gym maniacs and running causes you specific issues, try to walk. Fast walking is suitable not only for weight reduction but also for an improved health condition.

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The most natural activity as the walking indeed is, you can practice wherever and whenever. There is a much smaller load put on joints when walking compared to running. Quick walking differs from the regular walking not only in the speed but also in the higher step frequency and the active movement of the upper limbs. If you want to lose weight by walking, the initial rate should be 5 km / h, and you can add up to 9 km / h  your condition improves. If walking is your only physical activity or you suffer from the overweight and weak condition, take a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes a day. Swap the quick walking at a slower pace and do not forget to adjust your diet. You see the result only if you combine the activity and diet change.

Proper technique

There is no walking like walking. Here apply some rules as well. While walking, try to keep your back straight, show off your chest, and move your hands in the pace of walking. Periodically, alternate the interval of slow and fast walking, be sure to put the heel first on the ground, then the toe. Bounce off your toes, breathe properly and make smaller steps.


Measure your steps

You surely heard the optimal number of steps per one day. Although you may think the number 10 000 is too high, it is not unrealistic. Take a walk to work, a shop or to a coffee with your friend. Counting and remembering the number of steps is probably not possible, use little helpers as pedometer or app on your phone. The fact that smartphones are really intelligent does not need to be doubted. Not only are they counting your steps, but you can also even keep track of your stats and follow up and evaluate your progress. 10 thousand steps are approximately 7 km. So what, are you in?


Benefits of walking to your health:

  1. It improves total body flexibility and coordination
  2. Fights against fat and contributes to the better overall condition
  3. Starts metabolism
  4. Instead of sugars burns fats and you lose weight
  5. Strengthens bones and helps to prevent osteoporosis
  6. It improves brain activity and memory
  7. Effectively fights stress and depression