There are people around that do care about their great haircut and an expensive watch. But they do not take care of their fat bodies. Obesity is just a consequence. Weight loss is useless until you reveal the reason! That’s why I have decided to start with this blog to support people who have no idea how to lose weight or have no clue where to start.

My name is Erik and I´m from Slovakia ! Fitness and health for me means everything for 6 years. That’s why I decided to start this blog.

The goal of this web is to teach you the process of weight loss and stay slim. You can reach this when controlling what you eat, how much you move and also the rest. In a nutshell – your life. It is known as well as the lifestyle of how to live the right life the right way. The way we behave daily, shows:

  • How our body looks like,
  • How our body works,
  • What kinds of moods you will be allowed to enjoy

The human body is a special thing. Universal guidelines and numbers, therefore, are not global for everybody. If three similar people eat and move the same way, one can gain weight, the other lose weight, and the third does not see any change. The same situation is also with an unhealthy lifestyle – somebody lives up to 100 years, and somebody is done even before turning 50.

Information on this web can help you to start a healthier lifestyle. We are each very different. Therefore it is better to consult your goals with somebody who knows you. Ideally, this person is:

  • doctor (health),
  • qualified rehabilitation professional (body condition),
  • psychologist (relationships and other issues),
  • with a good friend (support).

As I am into earning money online, also expect similar articles on these topics.